Monday, 19 September 2011


Outlook is one of India's four top-selling English weekly newsmagazines. Like many other Indian magazines, it is reluctant to reveal its circulation, but the 2007 National Readership Survey suggested 1.5 million copies. Outlook's competitors are India Today, The Week, and Tehelka.

Outlook has been published in New Delhi continuously since October 1995 by the Outlook Group, whose founding editor-in-chief is Vinod Mehta. In October 2008, Mehta appointed Krishna Prasad as Outlook's editor. Earlier, Prasad edited the magazine's special issues. Prasad also publishes the popular blog Churumuri.
Sandipan Deb and Tarun Tejpal were past editors of the magazine.

Outlook made news for its investigative reports of the "Kargil bungle" and the cricket "match-fixing controversy." Outlook has time and again carried many pro left stories exposing it to the allegations of being a "left-leaning" publication.

Writers for Outlook included Bhaichand Patel, Rakesh Kalshian, Uri Avnery, George Monbiot, Daniel Lak, Ashok K. Mehta, B. Raman, Anil Dharker, Saeed Naqvi, Ramachandra Guha, Prabhu Ghate and Andrew Whitehead.

Currently, the Outlook Group publishes several magazines like Outlook Business, Outlook Profit, Outlook Money, GEO, Marie Claire, People, Outlook Traveller, Career 360 and News Weekly. The Outlook Group also publishes the Hindi Outlook Saptahik. Launched by Hathway Investments Private Limited, the Outlook Group is owned by the Rajan Raheja Group.